Saturday, March 24, 2012

Save The Place - Revamped

We love our little queer lion, guardian of all collective projects menaced by gentrification. That's why we decided to improve a bit the quality of our save the place movies. Now they look much more crisp. Queer crisp, so to say.

And we even decided to create one version with minimal color treatment, because we love the original colors. Actually we love all versions so much we cannot decide which one we love more! And that's all the better for it. Queer is about loving...

24th May at Four Corners on London "Films about Garden", Bildwechsel Glasgow.
1-3.June.2012 Traumschicht queer film fest in Zurich
Wotever Pride, etc (to be completed)

Anyway here are the links:

Save the Place - The Timeless Release:
Save the Place- The Time Travel Release Save the Place - The Minimal Release
We hope you like them! :-) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are here:

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