Thursday, January 5, 2012

performance: Gay Love Story goes Tacheles

I am sorry to break the surprise, but for those of you following faithfully the performance Gay Love Story, *that* is the surprise performance announced for the next Queer Riot Club, at Tacheles, 14.1!

"A macho gay guy is sitting in a bar, waiting for his next victim...His lucky number seems to be this cute shy guy coming in... But things might not be what they seem."

In this 8' performance, in which a determinist interpretation is purposedly left impossible, themes are suggested like the role and space transgender people have (or not) in mainstream gay communities, date rape, gender clichées within the queer community, consent, danger associated with sex work, discrimination(s), guilt, fear, lust and ultimately, love.

The two performers, Lun Ário, Kay Garnellen and filmmakers Ann Antidote are queer sex-positive DIY performer artists based in Berlin.

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