Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cena do Ócio productions

We went show business, that everybody knows, assuming that DIY products which barely raise donations could remotely be considered "business". So, not satisfied about doing performance and documentaries on appalling topics, we decided to try our rusty fingers at doing some music. So, Cena do Ócio will be an umbrella for our films, CDs and performances. it will have its own homepage soon, but until then you can find us here, and make us very happy. We (me and Lun Ario) are currently working feverlishly to finish a single (called "Our lives are shapped by what we love") containing at least a song as hommage to the communities and movements which shaped our lives (it is actually called "communities"). It is irony and smart-aleckdness free, just thankfulness and bliss. Hopefully to be aired at open stage at the Queertopiafestivalen Norberg where we will show "Vacations in Slut Meadow". To contact us: antidote [at] imensis [dot] net .

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