Saturday, May 29, 2010

Don't rebuff your way to happiness, Manchester

Don't rebuff your way to happiness: a workshop on “Saying no”
29.5.2010, Manchester, at the SM Dykes Conference Lokki and Éskìw

Workshop Goals: to learn strategies to effectively communicate what you want (and understanding what you want), to learn strategies for expressing disagreement in a positive and constructive way, learning to say "no" with or without providing justifications.

Can we honestly say, about ourselves, that we say “no” on every occasion that we should? Hmmm, maybe not. Saying “no” is important, actually it’s vital, but saying “no” in the right situation can be very difficult. There are several mechanisms which make “saying no” quite difficult, like fear of rejection or retaliation, peer pressure, or even an entangled bundle of possible cultural reasons linked to expressing disagreement. We will look at issues such as how the dynamics can affect the negotiation process and the problem of being part of a small group and how being part of one can affect your ability to say no.

Practical exercise: a negotiation situation. Evaluation of the exercise (what went well and not so well, and why; strategies that work best). Presentation of some simple strategies for expressing disagreement and saying “no.”

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